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    young living essential oils

    I just love YOUNG LIVING essential oils

    I just love working with YOUNG LIVING essential oils...

    If you stumbled onto this blog from and interior design and art site it's no accident.

    I have had a 30 year ++career as an artist and designer of restaurants. Much of my work is on this site and of course i thank you for stopping by...

    so what's with the essential oils? My husband was found on facebook by a gradeschool pal, we met for dinner and i hit it off with his girlfriend who happens to work with essential oils. i was mildly curious but had no knowledge of the healing and wellness properties they possess. I told barbara about cronic and recurring daily headaches i had and she gave my a tiny sample vile of lavender to try. i had NO belief that it would possibly work but one day i gave it a seemed that me headache lessened. I continued until i stopped using excedrin all together. i have not had any headache over the counter medicine in 11 months....just lavender on my forehead or temples.

    I joined the company so i could buy my own products wholesale...and have fallen in love with aroma therapy. i am not an aroma therapist massage therapist or medical praciticner in any form, i'm just an artist who found relief in a little brown bottle with a purple label. I purchared the 9 oils that are reccomended for everyday use. I bought a giant book...essential oils desk reference, i take every opportunity to learn and share and have started a second business.

    I welcome questions 323 707 3815 cell text

    I invite you to explore the YOUNG LIVING website  (member # 1099366) if you choose to make a purchase i would greatly appreciate if you use my number

    and if you keep your options open to new business opportunities i would be honored to sponcer you with the young living line

    and thanks

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