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    what we do.....are we for you???

    what we do is paint, finish and stain...

    that's for starters. we work with designers and architects, contractors and landscapers to achieve the look and feel your client is after.

    Our speciality is restaurants, but we also do salons,  spas, retail projects, furniture showrooms and some residential work.

    1. stained concrete is a craft involving acid stains . we blend the floors with many layers of color and often mimic stone and other natural materials. we also do fusion floors which involve hybredazation of several disciplines. this is a method used to achieve colors not found in the mineral salts of the acid stains. most floor are blends of natural earth like colors but sometimes we push it to creat something different that the client requires to creat a custom look or color. we stain floors bartops and concrete table tops... and concrete tilt up walls
    2. faux finishing/decorative finishes. we use so many different materials that refering to our walls as faux fusion gives a fairly accurate picture. Our wall work can have the classic euro/ tuscany/ seville/provance look or we can spin to a modern hip feeling by changing direction. We have been fortunate to do many italian and mexican restaurants and have been working on hipper fusion and modern projects as well
    3. venetian plaster is a plaster that has marble dust in the product. we are comfortable with the fine plasters of Meoded it is trowled on the walls in layers and the top layer is burnished with the trowel to compact the layers together. Generally clients select their plaster in one color but we often mix colors very close together to get a slight kick in the highs and lows. venetian plaster also reacts to chemical stain and looks amazing. We offer the very smooth and shiny lamundo plaster as well as the slightly more suedy marmorino tintorretto and many other plasters
    4. restaurant tabletops concrete. concrete with large stencils,  wood with distressed wood finishes resin or impregnating sealers. all custom Our bases come from gar products
    5. paintings abstract paintings for restaurants custom spalashy colorful. usually 20 or more are available or we can work up a series for your restaurant.. I've also worked on some paintings that use photoimages blown up painted partially over and sealed. For an italian restaurant I did a series of paintings that used images from each of the regions sicily,florence,rome,venice,tuscany and naples. I layered the pictures over each other torn and worn and the huge paintings look like huge post cards on the wall. they are hip and modern as is the re done restaurant but retains some of the charm of the family that owed the restaurant for over 50 years.
    6. metail railings, light fixtures we can paint metal railings light fixtures, neww or old, we can change a bright brass dated fixture to a russet & whitewash crusted fisture to save money and look great.
    7. reuse reduce recycle revolt. responsiliberty!..don't get me started. we recycle our jobsite trash. we use jobsite materials for other uses, we save restaurant chairs from dumpsters and paint them and sell to other restaurants on a shoestring... we care about all this and do our best